Bouncy Castle 101: Everything You Need To Know Renting A Bouncy Castle!

No matter where you live, you must be familiar with the concept of bouncy castles, the fun castles where you used to bounce and have fun as a kid at parties. Well, the trend continues and kids are still in love with these fun castles. And why wouldn’t they be? If you have a sharp memory, you must remember all the fun times and memorable moments you had as a kid while bouncing on a bouncy castle.

However, times surely have changed for the better and now, renting a bouncy castle is easier than ever. Here’s everything you need to know before booking a bouncy castle for your kids.

Renting A Bouncy Castle Is The Way To Go

Bouncy castles are fun-shaped castles made primarily to bounce and have fun. These castles come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will be surprised to know that nowadays there is even a white-colored bouncy castle that looks so aesthetically pleasing, it is unbelievable!

You can make the whole bouncy castle experience completely hassle-free for you by renting it from a genuine company. It is much easier than buying it and then, setting up the whole thing yourself. Moreover, renting a bouncy castle provides you with a wide variety of castles from which you can choose your favourite one.

Make The Whole Experience Even More Fun By Following These Steps

Bouncing on a bouncy castle is fun in itself but you can make it even more fun by adding certain elements to it. For instance, you can fill the castle with your kids’ favourite toys and balls to ensure that they have a good time with all of their friends. You can even make up certain games such as seeing who gets down the slide the fastest, who can jump the most in 1 minute etc.

This will ensure that your kids have the time of their life while bouncing on the bouncy castle that you rented. It is even a great way to make your kids bond more with other kids their age.

Things To Ensure Before Renting A Bouncy Castle

However fun the idea of a bouncy castle might be, ensuring their child’s safety is every parent’s utmost priority. So, there are certain things you might want to make sure of before renting a bouncy castle for a kids’ party or event. First and foremost, cleanliness and hygiene is the most important element for a bouncy castle party to work.

Ensure that the website you are renting from thoroughly cleans, sprays, and sanitizes the castle after every use. After all, no one can be too lenient about these things after the COVID-19 pandemic happened. If you are ensured that the cleanliness is legit, you would no longer have to worry about your child being unsafe.

Moreover, make sure that your kids wash their hands before and after playing in the bouncy castle for further precaution. Last but not the least, don’t forget to teach your kids how to have fun! Jim’s Bouncy Castle is the best website you can use for booking bouncy castles. They provide the best vibrant-themed bouncy castles in the Greater Vancouver, Low Mainland, and Fraser Valley area.

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